M.J. Holt is a Pacific Northwest author of crime novels and short stories, and Speculative fiction. She has two crime
novels available at Amazon in Kindle. The paper back edition are available to Amazon and other book store.

About Us

I’ve been a news junky since I was a small child. My mother read the newspaper to me. My father was away for months at a time on active duty in the Navy. My mother would turn on the national evening news and go into the kitchen at the other end of the house, with a dining room between us, too. I saw the news of massacres, insurrections, civil war, natural disasters, and more before I was in third grade.

By the time I was four, I began to read to my mother, as well as I could, and my reading abilities increased rapidly. My mother’s interests were crime, both reported and in fiction, civics, politics, and business, thus they became mine. For fiction, she read me Nancy Drew Mysteries and the like. I really like a thrilling, action-packed mystery. I love to read them and I love to write them. I also write Science Fiction and fantasy stories usually involving crime.

Book and Stories

Making Angels

I felt knocked back by the anger and tone of the man at the mention of Hannah Pickett’s name. Sheriff’s cars and trucks stood parked on the road I needed to take as far as I could see. Two SUVs, late comers, parked behind the others, had magnetic signs that read High Creek Search and Rescue, Cadaver Dogs.

My breath caught in my chest. Were they looking for Hannah’s remains? She had disappeared four months earlier. That was why I was there. The chill  made me shiver.

The deputy standing by my window said again, “To go to the Pickett...”

The deputy who earlier had cursed at the mention of Hannah’s name ran to my car yelling, “Don’t mention that name. Fuck it. I told you this has nothing to do with the Pickett case. Don’t mention it again.” He strode away.

His tone about Hannah angered me. I was there for her father, John Pickett. This was a sacred mission. I wanted to attack that man. I felt my whole body tingle and anger flooded through me. Then the familiar sea of calm that let me see things clearly, that had led me through dangerous situations, clarified it all for me.

I was at a T intersection on a road surrounded by huge second-growth cedar and fir trees. They rose above an undergrowth of luscious deep green plants. The beauty of the area contrasted sharply to the sheriff’s cars with blue flashing lights, and SUVs for cadaver dogs.


The Devil's Safe

A complicated relationship with her mother turns deadly after Stella Fargo does an innocent favor for a widowed friend, three violent men try to kidnap and kill her.
They want the murdered husband’s hidden millions of dollars of drugs and money. The police suspect that she belongs to the drug syndicate and they threaten to arrest her. Her vindictive ex-fiancé learns of her troubles and uses the situation to try to force her out of her job and academic position.
When the three violent men murder the woman who was like a mother to her, she flees Seattle. She searches for a reason this is happening and uncovers dark family secrets, lies, and betrayals that plunge her into more danger.
Her only ally is a man with a criminal past. While he is kind and helpful, she does not know if he is a friend or an enemy.
Stella wants her life back, and only she can save herself or become one of the dead.

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Save the World: Twenty Sci-Fi Writers Save the Planet (Writers Save the World)

My short story Thiry-five and Change is in this anthology.
Climate change is no longer a vague future threat. Forests are burning, currents are shifting, and massive storms dump staggering amounts of water in less than 24 hours. Sometimes it’s hard to look ahead and see a hopeful future.
We asked sci-fi writers to send us stories about ways to save the world from climate change. From the myriad of stories we received, we chose the twenty most amazing (and hopefully prescient) tales.
Dive in and find out how we might mitigate climate change via solar mirrors, carbon capture, genetic manipulation, and acts of change both large and small.
The future’s not going to fix itself.

Blackeyed Peas On New Year’s Day

My short story Fire Cat, about an assassin is in this anthology.
2020 wasn’t kind to any of us, was it? (And 2021 is off to a shaky start at best!) Pandemic, economic collapse, out-of-control wildfires the world ’round, ice storms, murder hornets…and that’s without even discussing politics.


une anthologie de poésie sur l'espèce humaine/a poetry anthology about the human race.

About Us

I’ve been a news junky since I was a small child. My mother read the newspaper to me. My father was away for months at a time on active duty in the Navy.