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Low Down Dirty Vote: Volume II: Every stolen vote is a crime.

 My short story No Statute of Limitations is in this anthology. It is about a political operative must avoid detection and death.

Foreword by Scott Turow. Twenty-two authors contributed short crime fiction stories on the theme "Every stolen vote is a crime." All the money earned from sales is contributed to the Southern Poverty Law Center's programs to fight voter suppression and defend voting rights.
In addition to the authors listed, the volume includes stories by Gabriel Valjan, Stephen Buehler, Jackie Ross Flaum, Stormy White, M. J. Holt, Frank Rankin, Bev Vincent, Puja Guha, James McCrone, Jim Doherty, Terry Sanville, Robert Lopresti, Madeline McEwen, and Ben Harshman.


Blackeyed Peas On New Year’s Day

 My short story Fire Cat, about an assassin is in this anthology.

2020 wasn’t kind to any of us, was it? (And 2021 is off to a shaky start at best!) Pandemic, economic collapse, out-of-control wildfires the world ’round, ice storms, murder hornets…and that’s without even discussing politics.


 Alternative Theologies: Parables for a Modern World includes my story, Everlasting Due, which gives an alternative vision of both Heaven and Hell, appears in this wonderful anthology. Some people contend that this is my most humorous story.


Save the World: Twenty Sci-Fi Writers Save the Planet (Writers Save the World)

My short story Thiry-five and Change is in this anthology.

Climate change is no longer a vague future threat. Forests are burning, currents are shifting, and massive storms dump staggering amounts of water in less than 24 hours. Sometimes it’s hard to look ahead and see a hopeful future.

We asked sci-fi writers to send us stories about ways to save the world from climate change. From the myriad of stories we received, we chose the twenty most amazing (and hopefully prescient) tales.

Dive in and find out how we might mitigate climate change via solar mirrors, carbon capture, genetic manipulation, and acts of change both large and small.

The future’s not going to fix itself.


300K: une anthologie de poésie sur l'espèce humaine/a poetry anthology about the human race.

300K A Poetry Anthology about the Human Race Une anthologie de poésie sur l'espèce humaine. French-speaking and English-speaking poets from the 21st century meet in this incredible anthology that wants itself to be another stone on the suicidal path sapiens took 300.000.

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