About Me

I’ve been a news junky since I was a small child. My mother read the newspaper to me. My father was away for months at a time on active duty in the Navy. My mother would turn on the national evening news and go into the kitchen at the other end of the house, with a dining room between us, too. I saw the news of massacres, insurrections, civil war, natural disasters, and more before I was in third grade.

By the time I was four, I began to read to my mother, as well as I could, and my reading abilities increased rapidly. My mother’s interests were crime, both reported and in fiction, civics, politics, and business, thus they became mine.

For fiction, she read me Nancy Drew Mysteries and the like. I really like a thrilling, action-packed mystery. I love to read them and I love to write them. I also write Science Fiction and fantasy stories usually involving crime.


Given that, here is a thimble-full of my journey so far. I became a professional writer at sixteen writing a weekly high school column for the Bremerton Sun. I went to college and earned two degrees in English Literature and one degree in history. I worked as a technical writer, a business management consultant, and taught upper division technical writing and literature. Then I abandoned the big city to live on the family farm with my husband and many animals on a peninsula in Puget Sound. Our animals include rescue dogs and cats, geese, and retired chickens. My cousin is now the farmer.