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Stories about the world we know and the worlds we will meet.

Stella Fargo Series
mystery Thrillers

Cover The Devil's SAfe
the first book

When the people whom she depends on fail her and put her life in jeopardy she does what needs to be done.

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Books and Stories

cover Making Angels
The second book

A gritty tale of murder and insanity. When Stella disturbs a vile evil in an idyllic rural community Puget Sound, the people behind it lash out, and Stella

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Books and Stories

Cover Leaps of Faith
The third book

A young girl runs away to save her best friend from child pornographers, Stella risks all to find the children.

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Books and Stories

Glasses atop of stack of newspapers

stories that come from the Headlines

and the back pages where they are buried like the victims.

It began when my mother read the newspapers to me when I was a baby. She liked crime and politics (which some say are the same). I am a voracious reader of the news, now online so had local, national, and international news. Some of these stories inspire me. I have a long memory and I’ve been alive for a long time.

Reader Reviews

This on-the-run crime thriller offers mystery fans dynamic leads, intense action, and surprising twists. Great for fans of Ann Cleeves’ Vera Stanhope series, Tana French.

Booklife by Publishers Weekly

An unsettling thriller with a strong female hero and a high count of bodies and plot twists.

Great for fans of: Michael Koryta, Marsali Taylor, Lisa Gardner.

Booklife by Publishers Weekly

A worthy heir to Lee Child, Dick Francis, and Elizabeth George. [She] is a master of character development and psychological suspense.