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Cover The Devil's SAfe

The Devil’s Safe

A good deed blasts Stella Fargo’s life far, far off plan. One handsome man, two crazy women, and three men ready to torture her for drug related information and won’t believe that she knows nothing about it. All of this threatens her Ph.D. candidate standing ad the university threatens to kick her out. When life isn’t fair, fix it, and Stella does by pursing the people who are hunting her. This is a wild cat and mouse ride. “Never a dull moment.”

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cover Making Angels

Making Angels

In a tiny community where law enforcement has broken down, a serial killer’s dump site reveals more than tragic deaths. Joined by an ancient woman who dedicates her life to good works, Stella follows the clues and does what needs to be done to take a young girl and her young siblings from their murderous mother, and the serial killer who has designs on the child. “The trills just keep coming.”

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Cover Leaps of Faith

Leaps of Faith

When a twelve-year-old girl runs away to save her best friend from child pornographers, Stella knows it can only end badly. She follows the girl into the mountains of Western Massachusetts, where the girl disappears. There Stella finds a half-destroyed community that can’t stop the wickedness. Unlike them, hunted and battered, Stella will not quit until she comes face to face with the evil. “Thrilling, scary, and satisfying.:

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Cover Black-eyed Peas on New Years Day Anthology

Blackeyed Peas

In my story Fire Cat you will meet a professional assassin who befriends a cat with kittens. One of the kittens helps her save many and go after her target. I think of it as a story of down with the bad and up with the love.

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Cover Alternate Theologies Anthology

Alternative Theologies

My story, Everlasting Due, gives an alternative vision of both Heaven and Hell. The road to Hell just might lead through seeing how your enemies are getting their just deserts. Some people contend that this is my most humorous story.

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Cover Save the World Anthology

Save the World

My story Thirty-five and Change is one of the twenty ways to save our world. My story gives a hopeful view of the future with teacup shaped flying cars, bots for hair, and black holes, are part of this cheerful story.

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Cover Lowdown Dirty Vote 2

Low Down Dirty Vote: Volume II

 My short story No Statute of Limitations is in this fabulous crime anthology. It is about a political operative must avoid detection and death. To do this, she commits her first killing using a surprising weapon.

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Cover 300K poetry anthology


My historical poem, Spring Plowing, is in this incredible collection of poetry and essays. Most works are in English with a few in French. My poem is about the futility of war where so many lives are lost for no gain.

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