Words Be Kind

M.J. Holt

Hello. I love to read. I read digital books, listen to audio books, and, of course, read paper books. My books are not yet on audio, but I’m working on that. I write crime stories that are mixed from the news articles that I read. If you think what I write doesn’t happen, I am thankful that you lead a good life.

My interest in crime, business, ghost stories, and politics come from my mother reading these stories to me from when I was an infant. After my father retired from active duty in the US Navy, we moved to the family farm. I now have it, but since 1892 it has either been a blessing or a curse. I don’t know which. When I inherited it, I made it a market farm, and raised vegetables and meat for our CSA and the local farmers markets. The many years I spent as a management consultant were put to work and I was the client. Oh, My.

That ended for me when I endured a cascade of medical problems. When I couldn’t manage our farm, I revised and polished the stories I had written over the years. These are crime, science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream stories. Then Stella Fargo entered my life, pulling so many of my interests and concerns into one story.

I hope that you enjoy the adventures that I write. I’m told that they need trigger warnings, so I will give one. My books, especially, are full of the nasty truth of abuse and murder, and foul language is used as it fits the story. Stella rare swears.

Our forest of
cedar and fir trees

Photo by Deb Hodges

The beauty of a forest cannot be denied. While it charms our eyes, it provides the life-giving oxygen we require. People my laugh at the idea of woodland creatures, but they live here, as do birds of many kinds.